Sunday, June 21, 2009

Make your own super cheap and easy dish scrubbie

Here is a super simple and super cheap way to make a dish scrubbie:

Buy no less than 1/4 yard of nylon tulle/netting from your cheapest fabric store - nothing fancy here.

Cut about 6 inches of embroidery floss and set aside.

From one end cut a square - doesn't have to be pretty, just lop off the end of the yardage where it looks about squarish. Lay this square on a flat surface.

Take the remaining yardage and ball it up in your fist.

Tuck that ball of netting into the center of the square netting. Fold up each corner of the square holding it closed with your fingers but don't let go of the "ball" (it's easier than it sounds). Twist the square like you would a tire swing.

Now, this is the tricky part, tie the floss around the tulle end that is in your fingers, not letting go 'cause then you'll have a mess of tulle to ball up again. Knot the floss 4 or 5 times and trim the ends.

Ta-Da! A dish scrubbie that only cost about a quarter (on sale, I hope!) For a larger scrubbie buy more yardage, etc.

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