Sunday, June 28, 2009

Salad dressing from scratch

Our garden is growing well now (though it could be better if we could get some decent sun). We have been able to harvest lettuce and spinach, if nothing else. I needed to come up with something to go with our excess lettuce and spinach - something other than a plain salad. So, I made chicken salad and it was SO good!

For the chicken I just dusted it with salt and pepper. What a difference the salt makes! Usually I just use lemon pepper seasoning but this was much better.

The highlight of this salad was the dressing. I LOVE honey mustard and, since I no longer buy processed foods (or at least don't buy any I can convince my hubby not to eat) we didn't have any dressing in the house. So, I threw together these ingredients for a very yummy dressing:

A squirt of honey mustard (I suppose you could also use mustard spice and honey, maybe?)
A glob of mayo (not miracle whip)
A dash of apple cider vinegar
Olive Oil

Mix it all together, adding more of whatever to your liking, and pour over your salad. This was such a good dinner! I even finished ALL of my chicken.

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